Why a Well-Designed Website Is So Important for Recruiting Agencies


Are you ready to turn your recruiting agency into a staffing ATM? You’ve come to the right place. With the right design and approach, your website can generate job orders and job placements hour-after-hour, day-after-day.

Working in the recruitment industry, firms already know how important first impressions are. A top-notch candidate will look smart, have a polished and solid CV, and will be ready to answer all of those tough interview questions with poise and grace. 

Your website needs to give the same image. You want your website to represent your recruitment agency well, and instill confidence in both candidates and clients. If you meet a candidate, you want them to trust in your ability to place them in the adequately fitted role for their experience. You’ll speak confidently to them, assuring the candidate that you have plenty of opportunities for them and that you’re the recruitment agency best equipped to handle the job.

A well-designed website will convey this to viewers. With your website representing the agency, it must make an excellent first impression. If it doesn’t, a potential recruit or employer will look elsewhere for their employment matchmaking. 

Do you know what your online presence currently looks like? Recruiting is such a competitive industry that often recruiting agencies look over the benefits of a good web design for lead generation and business growth. Having a good design can mean the difference between winning or losing that lucrative client.

Let’s take a look at some of the other important reasons why your recruiting agency should take their website design seriously in 2021.

You Can’t Travel without A Roadmap

When a prospective candidate lands on your recruiting agency website, you want to make sure they have a clear idea of how your site works and where they will want to click next. 

You want a clutter-free, clean, useful website map to boost your sites SEO and improve the user experience. Google prioritises content with a good, transparent roadmap, which needs to be a website priority. 

Think of yourself as the website user. How would you approach a website when landing on it for the first time? Where would you expect the roadmap to be, and how would you like to get from point A to point Z? Become the visitor and design the website accordingly. 

You would not set off on a journey without knowing where you are going. Don’t let potential candidates or clients land on your site without knowing what direction to take next. You’re in the driver’s seat. Lead them. 

Communicate First

What do you think is the most critical information your recruitment agency needs to say to its website visitors? You need a statement front and center that sums up what your agency is all about and why potential clients and candidates should use your agency.

This is called your positioning statement, and it needs to be right at eye level when visitors stop on your site. You want this to be the first thing they focus on. This is what is going to reel them in and keep them on your site. This is not your business statement or your mission statement. 

We recommend putting this above the fold so that visitors instantly see it without any sort of scrolling. For example, if your recruitment agency specialises in financial recruitment, a potential candidate will look elsewhere if they don’t work in finance. This may seem a little obvious, but it happens more often than you may think.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you create that perfect positioning statement:

  1. Choose the category that your recruitment agency operates in. By focusing on your category, you can then define a clear direction for your agency website.
  2. Provide your potential candidates and clients with a unique selling point. State what you can provide them that no one else can.
  3. Write so visitors believe you. Tell them why they should consider you and back up your information with facts.

Make User Navigation Super Simple

When designing your recruitment agency website, you want the navigation to be as simple as possible. Now that you’ve got the roadmap established, your potential candidates and clients need to be able to find things quickly and with ease. Make the transitions between pages smooth sailing. 

Always be transparent. This will help elevate the issue of being misunderstood. Make sure there is explicit instruction as to what the website visitor needs to do next. Make sure your call to action is in the right place. Make sure these elements are prominent and noticeable. Test your website. Make sure the visitor can move around quickly. 

More clicks through your current page structure may seem like a way to keep things neat and tidy on your end, but a website visitor doesn’t want to waste precious time taking 5 clicks when they could have had it done in 2. 

Here are 3 simple steps to help you with easy navigation:

  1. Connect your agency priorities with the website navigation. The key is to direct customers to fundamental pages with the most impact.
  2. Make sure your hypertext is obvious. This is a common problem with websites, and it can get in the way of a visitor’s ability to navigate quickly. Make sure your hypertext is a colour that stands out. 
  3. Be conscious of the navigation bar. Website visitors do not like clutter. Use main headers and menus if your website starts to get cluttered. This will help with organisation and the overall layout. A clean and well-organised website will keep visitors on the site longer – which is what you want!

Proofread Last

Before your website goes live, proofread. And once you have done that, proofread again. Have another set of eyes check it just to be sure. Proofreading can shed some light on any potential weaknesses, so this is a crucial final step to take to ensure your recruiting website is on point. You don’t want it to be misread or misunderstood, and you definitely do not want any glaring spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. 

Ensure Your Success 

At TDW Digital Solutions, we prioritise site sustainability in conducting redesigns and in delivering completely new sites, so our customers can easily adapt and experiment with the latest digital technology trends.

If your business is ready for branding and creative work, contact TDW Digital Solutions for branding and design services tailored to your business. With expert web design, branding design, print support and more, our expert team is ready to deliver quality service – saving you time and money. Book a call with us today and let’s talk about your business.

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