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We are experts at designing, building and maintaining custom ecommerce websites that will reflect the unique personality and message of your ecommerce business.

Shopping has shifted from bricks and mortar outlets to the digital space, but businesses selling online still need an attractive shop window. That’s why it pays to invest in a custom ecommerce website.

Your website needs to do more than just showcase your goods and services to customers old and new. It should establish your brand, engage with your target audience and gather data to underpin your online marketing efforts.

The benefits of ecommerce website design

Any established or new business, in Essex or beyond, looking to sell online is spoiled for choice when it comes to which ecommerce platform they use.

Places like Amazon and Etsy can be effective at engaging online shoppers, but having your own ecommerce website is crucial for businesses looking to establish themselves in the long-term.


Let’s examine the many benefits of having your own ecommerce website:

First and foremost, a custom ecommerce website will help your brand stand out from the crowd in ways even the most popular ecommerce platforms won’t.

Customised web design will impose no restrictions on your logos or branding, and will leave your customers in no doubt about which online business, product or service they are browsing.

Running your own ecommerce website opens up a whole new world of control.

This freedom not only allows you to directly enhance the customer experience, but also help you be more responsive and nimble, helping you compete with other brands.

As part of our ecommerce web design process, we can advise on the best layout for your online store. But as your business grows, you can make a variety of changes to your ecommerce web design to capitalise on internet trends, respond to customer behaviour or reflect your brand’s evolution.

Changes could include:

  • changing the website layout, navigation or colour scheme
  • editing button placement and website text
  • adding blog posts or videos
  • including customer testimonials

As well as all this flexibility about website content and appearance, it’s guaranteed that your competitor’s ads won’t appear anywhere on your ecommerce website, unlike the most popular ecommerce platforms.

learn about your customers

Learn about your customers

One of the most important jobs of an ecommerce website is to gather actionable data on the people who visit it.

Collecting information about where they live, how they discovered your online shops and how easily they navigate your website can all be used to boost your business.

Collecting email addresses helps build a target audience for direct marketing campaigns showcasing personalised offers for potential clients.

The data generated by your ecommerce store can also be used to make further enhancements to the website, ensuring the customer journey remains frictionless at every stage.

Creative marketing campaigns

Our team of Essex web design experts know there’s a lot of work that goes into launching a new ecommerce website.

As well as getting the website look exactly right, it needs to be seeded with relevant direct and long-tail SEO keywords that will attract and engage customers.

Those keywords will also underpin your digital marketing strategy, and your ecommerce website will be at the core of your advertising efforts.

Flash sales, discounts and vouchers are proven ways to boost online sales by driving traffic to your website.

Unlike the big platforms, with a custom ecommerce website, you control all aspects of your marketing campaigns, from when they happen to the form they take on your site.


How can I improve the design of my online store?

Having your own website and content management system puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to growing your brand, reaching your clients and guaranteeing a great experience.

So, what design elements should be included in your ecommerce website build?

Ecommerce website support

Businesses usually find this at the end of the list of development services but we wanted to put it front and centre.

Businesses usually find this at the end of the list of development services but we wanted to put it front and centre.

Whether you’re launching a new website or overhauling an existing website, our web designers will help you navigate every aspect of the technology.

From loading content to understanding its ecommerce functionality, our experts will ensure you’re 100% happy and confident with your web design.

Website branding and colours

Our web design services team will ensure your ecommerce site’s colours and theme match and complement those of your brand, boosting customer recognition and retention.

Secure, responsive design for your website

The best ecommerce sites are designed with all users in mind, from being mobile friendly to consumers who are less able-bodied.

That means all the content on your new website will look amazing no matter whether clients are viewing it on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

Your new site will include Alt text and subtitles on images and video, ensuring your custom ecommerce website design is engaging and inclusive.

A good website is also highly secure. We ensure there is an integrated SSL certificate for all your websites, ensuring peace of mind for your customers.

On-page SEO

This begins with SEO keyword research, identifying relevant search terms (AKA keywords) that users are searching for online. 

As part of our website design service, our SEO specialists will strategically seed your ecommerce website with them to boost its visibility to a search engine.

Your ecommerce website should be packed with quality content exploring topics of interest to your target audience. It should also be liberally seeded with relevant SEO to attract links and boost your rankings in Google’s search results.

Businesses can connect relevant product pages in their ecommerce website using internal links. This enhances the user experience and also helps other search engines understand your site's structure and content.

Our ecommerce developers in Essex can optimise title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions (known as HTML elements) in the website design to briefly but accurately explain what the page is about to search engines and users.

This optimises images on ecommerce websites with descriptive file names, alt tags and captions. It aims to drive traffic to a website from Google image search and generate sales.

This process focuses on the organisation and design of an ecommerce website's URLs. They should include relevant keywords to boost search engine rankings and the user experience, as well as supporting website link-building.

Off-page SEO

This type of SEO covers a range of cost-effective measures. They include guest blogging, Help a Reporter Out (HARO), competitor research and analysis, internet ads, press distribution and brand signals.

Off-page SEO helps establish the authority of an ecommerce website, alongside its reputation in a particular field. It also bolsters efforts to improve the user experience and search engine visibility, and drive traffic to the website.

Ecommerce SEO for an online shop can take several forms, from writing keyword-rich long descriptions on each product page of a website, to securing backlinks from relevant websites.

One of the most useful SEO types, it uses consumer behaviour analysis to boost the visibility of a business website selling products online in local Google search results.

If you’re targeting global sales with your website, international SEO is a must. It is crucial you understand your target market's language and cultural context and enable transactions in their currency.


Online store setup for your website

Our ecommerce website design team will ensure your online store will function and align with how you sell online at every stage of the ecommerce website design process.

We will ensure your clients have an enjoyable ecommerce experience at your online shops, and aim to meet all your business needs with our professional website design services.

Payment integration for your website

Every business looking to sell online and offer a frictionless customer experience must offer easy-to-use, mobile friendly payment gateways for unlimited products on their websites.

Our ecommerce web design team can offer advice about the best solutions for online stores, installing hassle-free systems allowing customers to browse and purchase online.

ecom payments
ecom social media

Social media links for your website

Our ecommerce web design aims to draw customers to your site, and social media is a rich source of potential new clients.

In designing custom ecommerce websites, our experienced team ensures all the links to and from social media platforms are consistent with your brand identity. Our website design helps reinforce your reputation and brand retention.

Contact details

All established and new business websites should have clearly displayed contact details so customers can send feedback or ask questions.

Our ecommerce website design service also includes the creation of bespoke contact forms, enabling clients to connect with you via the website, while also providing a way to gather customer details for email marketing.


How much does it cost for bespoke ecommerce websites?

We provide tailor-made ecommerce website design solutions for businesses ranging from new start-ups to established SMEs, all who are looking for a great website for their ecommerce online shopfront.

Our Essex-based team can help your company thrive with cutting-edge ecommerce website design that maximises SEO to boost online sales, capitalises on frictionless payment systems to ensure the user experience and enhances your brand.

When we develop ecommerce websites for a business, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business is unique, and every website design we create reflects that.

For a free quote, tell us all about your ecommerce web design needs here.

Where are you based?

Our team of ecommerce website developers are based in Bishop’s Stortford, near Essex and Hertfordshire, but work with clients around the UK and internationally.

We offer ecommerce website redesign services, and can create everything from a simple brochure website to something a lot more complex.

Our website experts will ensure your brand and content look amazing, whether your website design is viewed on desktop or mobile devices.

We will also provide advice and tech support to your business website, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

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