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First impressions are everything in the recruitment industry, not just for candidates and employers. Recruitment agencies’ websites must inspire confidence in both sides, and great design makes that happen.

From eye-catching visuals and easy-to-navigate jobs boards, to data gathering and KPI analysis, the best recruitment websites do it all, frictionlessly. 

Our team of web design and bespoke WordPress developers have years of experience creating fantastic recruitment agency websites that have helped people boost their personal brands, find their dream jobs and companies identify their ideal employees. 

We can do the same for your recruitment website design.

Creating a recruitment company website

Every website ever created features vital elements - alongside all the responsive design and  functionality that makes it a seamless experience - that are a crucial part of the design. 

For recruiting agencies and their website, it’s all about understanding. Candidates and potential clients exploring your website should know immediately what your firm is about, if you’re a recruiter in a specialist field, for example. 

When building your website design, we will consider the following: 

  • Which job seekers are you targeting?
  • What recruitment services can you offer them?
  • Does your recruitment agency stand out from the crowd?
  • How will you attract more candidates?

The answers to these questions will form the basis of your recruitment agency’s positioning statement. It should be the first thing visitors see when they land on your website, and will be among the main reasons why they linger and browse.


What should recruitment agencies include in their website?

The positioning statement is just one component of a successful recruitment business’ website. Let’s examine what other general features your site should also include.

Recruitment companies need a clutter-free and clean website design to create a great first impression among their visitors, whether they are job seekers or potential clients.

Our web design team will work with you to identify the optimum organisation of images, text and white space on your website, so your content can breathe and the most important elements stand out. 

Integral elements to your recruitment website design could also include a great hero shot as an eye catching background and a stationary navigation bar. It means users always have the most important recruitment information at their fingertips during their visit to your website. 

Your web designer will also make sure there is an easily navigable roadmap that ensures an enhanced user experience and boosts the site's SEO. 

It’s always worth remembering at the web design stage that Google and other search engines prioritise content with a transparent roadmap.

Every recruitment website we create is built with responsive web design in mind, covering the four main pillars: 

  • Fluid layouts
  • Responsive units
  • Flexible images
  • Media queries

If your recruitment firm is looking to upgrade to a new website, this technology is a must-have to ensure outstanding service for your clients and candidates. 

While businesses might use computers to navigate your site and post job offers, it’s likely the majority of job seekers will be using their mobiles to visit multiple websites. 

If your web design means it doesn’t display properly or is slow to load and engage, they will quickly move on to other recruitment websites.

Many brands have become more aware than ever about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and the recruitment industry is at the forefront of this movement.

When it comes to a recruitment website design service, it is crucial that the technology reflects and supports a wide range of capabilities, from tailored search to swift uploading of content.

Our experienced website design team will ensure any screen readers and assistive technology work as they should at every stage of the navigation process, enabling all visitors to your recruitment agency website to consume all your business content.

All our sites ensure that every word of text, including image-related alt text, and the colours on each recruitment web page accommodate all vision capabilities and are compatible with the screen readers used by website visitors.

Some recruitment agency firms choose a web design that features clearly defined areas for candidates, recruiters and clients.

Of course our team will design your company recruitment website to your detailed specifications, but separating the job search from professional recruiters and clients with vacancies to fill can make it easier for both sets of users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Candidates want to engage with a simple design, and use websites that are tolerant of spelling mistakes and typos but still serve accurate, relevant results quickly and efficiently.

The website should also include a streamlined form-filling service that allows them to apply for more than one job at a time.

Your recruitment website should also allow them to apply for jobs without an account, upload a document or video CV, manage it and their profile, create job alerts and securely download useful resources.

On the clients and recruiters side, both will want to be able to easily manage their employer pages on the site, so a clean website design is a must, from the home page right the way through.

They will also want to easily search the site for the right talent and assess candidate activity during the recruitment process anonymously and securely.

The simple design of the recruitment website should enable a company to search CVs by keywords, sector, locations, skills, salary and any other criteria, preview video CVs without downloading, and be able to send alerts or texts to potential candidates.

Whether you specialise in particular fields or not, your recruitment website design should be a magnet for clients from all over the country and the globe.

That means your recruitment website has to support lots of integrations with a range of third party technologies and tools:

  • Uploading CVs from Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox
  • LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook login or application
  • Job board/applicant tracking software, such as Broadbean and Logic Melon

It’s worth thinking about including an integrated salary tool at the recruitment website design stage.

As well as providing job seekers visiting your website with highly relevant information to their search, it helps forge trust between recruitment websites and the visitors you’re trying to engage.

Most brands understand the importance of having calls to action on websites. They nudge visitors further into the sales funnel, encouraging them to do something, whether that’s fill in a form or make a purchase.

For recruitment agencies, they’re a crucial part of the user experience. Candidates should be clearly directed to the page where they can input their CV or work experience details.

Clients should know exactly where to update their information on the website and locate the latest CV uploads.

Our experienced design team can create multiple CTAs for every kind of visitor to your recruitment website, ensuring the whole process of navigating pages for clients and candidates is extremely efficient and user friendly.

Another key part of great recruitment website design is the inclusion of social proof. It can include:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Online reviews
  • Social media shares

This sort of content has become invaluable in recent years, as it bolsters the reputation of any professional brand, potentially helping your recruitment agency stay ahead of competing firms.

Information is everything and in the recruitment industry, it’s key to identifying potential and actual talent. That’s why KPI measurement is so important in web design.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an indispensable way for a recruitment firm to determine metrics such as the time it takes to fill a post, the number of candidates per vacancy and unfinished applications.

Google Analytics integration or another KPI measurement tool, can provide great insights into your recruitment agency website performance, identifying potential pain points and enhancing the user experience.

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Using WordPress to manage recruitment websites

We are WordPress experts. The world’s most popular CMS accounts for more than 36% of the top one million websites by traffic, and is an ideal starting point for a new staffing agency to build their web presence.

WordPress has lots of advantages: it offers a wide choice of templated pages that are an ideal base for a fantastic website. It also comes with all the tools a recruitment business needs to launch a new website.

Initially it’s great, but many recruitment firms soon find that managing the latest site updates, new features, bug fixes and other technical requirements can become overwhelming.

They end up spending more time on recruitment website design and maintenance than building up their client portfolio. That’s where our WordPress support service comes in.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have recently migrated from another system, our team will ensure your staffing agency website design is straight out of the top drawer.

Our great support for your recruitment website also includes 24/7 security monitoring, regular backing up of site content and constant smooth running, so your recruitment company can focus on building your business.

Where are you based?

TDW Digital Solutions are a web design agency and bespoke WordPress developers in Essex, and we support customers from all over the UK and internationally.

Our professional services include new recruitment website design and upgrades, as well as branding design and print support, to name but three.

We pride ourselves on designing and creating recruitment websites that run smoothly, look beautiful and help your recruitment business stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Our expert web design team is committed to always delivering a quality recruitment website design service, alongside informed, dedicated site support, saving you time and money.

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