Website Design Tips for Staffing Businesses

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You’ve lined up the perfect training materials, ensured you have all of the onboarding forms and documents ready to go, and bought your website domain… Now what? 

Your website is the first thing that your customers will see when searching for your brand. If it’s unappealing and doesn’t provide them with the information they’re after, it’s likely your brand won’t stick with them when considering all of their options. It’s even less likely potential candidates will sign up to work with you if they feel like you appear to be an unorganised mess. 

So, what do you do? You’re an expert in onboarding staff, not an expert in web design. Luckily, here at TDS DS, we are the experts, and we’ve compiled a list of tips here for you to get your staffing business the website it deserves. 

Make Your Website Serve Your Clients 

This might seem obvious but somehow ends up overlooked in countless websites. You want your potential customers to have the best experience possible when accessing your website, and this means making sure that they’re able to get the information they want quickly, easily, and efficiently. 

You also want to make sure your clients can access your website easily on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly design, it’s likely your customers just browsing during their free time won’t think twice about your brand. 

But if your website is accessible, you’re likely to secure countless more clients. Research conducted by a large New York based marketing firm showed that 37% of traffic for all recruiting firm websites in their portfolio came from mobile users. That’s potentially 37% more clients you can acquire for your staffing business. 

Finally, if a candidate is looking at your website to apply, you want to ensure your website is guiding them to the right place. You want to make sure that your applicants don’t feel like they’re just another number. Instead, a smartly designed website will ensure them that their information is being sent to a real person and that you’re taking care of their data and their potential future.

Focus On Simplifying Everything

Ensure forms on your website have some sort of automation. Make sure documents are able to be edited by your potential candidates easily, and ensure your website lays out all of the information that they need to provide to you to be considered. 

You can even have your website designed in a way that allows for things like disclaimers, training videos, and signatures to be automated throughout the application process, making things easier on both you and your potential candidate. 

Even beyond web design, there are ways you can automate your social media presence. You can use tools that automatically send out Tweets, Facebook Posts, and LinkedIn posts to your followers when you post jobs. This saves you time and saves your business money, as you won’t need to pay somebody to spend time doing grunt work that can be automated and expedited. 

Make Your Brand Your Own

You need to ensure your brand is able to stand on its own with no issues or hiccups. By having a strong and clear brand presence, candidates and website visitors will have a significantly easier time remembering who you are in the sea of staffing websites out there. 

You will also be able to boost your offline recognition this way too. When your client closes their computer or puts their phone down, they’re more likely to remember the agencies that stuck out to them the most and consider going with the company that was the most memorable and identifiable. 

Another way you can make your brand stand out amongst your competitors is through social media. Spend time on looking at quality hashtags directly related to your business and use them in your posts as often as you can to reach your target audience.

When it comes to social media, remember the 80-20 rule. Rather than focusing only on promoting your agency, you should actually be using about 80% of your posts advertising jobs that you’re onboarding for and the other 20% on brand recognition and promotion. 

Talk with The Professionals

This might be the most challenging step. You need to figure out exactly what your goals are. Are you trying to redesign an existing website? Or, are you trying to find a website design agency to take on the task of building you a site from the ground up? 

TDW Digital Solutions specialises in staffing and recruiting business web design. We offer you the services that you need to build an efficient, modern website for your brand that converts, and we have the tools and knowledge to ensure your website does everything you need it to.  

Need some assistance with branding your company? We’ve got you covered. Our team offers branding and design services to get you the ever-important brand recognition you deserve. 
Have absolutely no idea where to start? No Problem.

Drop us a line and tell us a little about your business. We’ll be happy to give you a call and discuss what our team can do for you to get your website into the hands of the candidates you need most.

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